Two mom friends meeting up



Whether she’s a peer or a mentor (your choice!), she’s got your back.

A Mama Match can offer a deep, intentional relationship at a pivotal time in your life. She’ll be there to listen, empathize, and only offer advice if asked. At her core, she’s non-judgemental and will hug you through your tears and laugh with you at the ridiculous parts of Motherhood.

A Peer Mama will have a due date around the same time as yours, so she will be going through pregnancy and the postpartum shift along with you. You can commiserate over uncomfortable office chairs, heartburn, and clothes that no longer fit.

If you’re meeting postpartum, you can bond over your new identities as moms, the struggles of returning to work, behaviors that experts swear are developmental but are completely baffling, and sleep schedules (or lack thereof!).

A Mentor Mama has been there, done that. Maybe she’s had a specific experience you’re looking for support with; this could be multiples, NICU, adoption, single motherhood, or another reality you would like her wisdom and encouragement to get through. She’s done this, and she knows you can too!

You can meet for a movie, wine, workouts, you name it—whatever it takes to make your motherhood work!

If you are interested in finding and/or filling a Mama Match, please fill out our brief application. For more details, please check out our FAQ.