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Postpartum is So Messed Up

‘From everyone commenting on how beautiful and glowing we are, to looking at us with

pitty and asking how many hours of sleep we’re getting. Well the bags under my eyes are telling you it’s

not that much, aren’t they?’ — Our friend, Kelly, candidly shares her experience with pregnancy and postpartum.

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The Absolute Necessity of the New-Mom Friend

Or…as we would say…the absolute necessity of a Mama Match! And we love the emphasis of connecting with another mama during pregnancy. That is what we found in each other and what we wish for each of you. Women sharing vulnerability, embracing their diversity, investing in themselves and lifting each other up (which sometimes requires indulging in some fast food together). So much power…and potential.

(Image by @annaleadickey)

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The Birth of a Mother

“The process of becoming a mother, which anthropologists call “matrescence,” has been largely unexplored in the medical community. Instead of focusing on the woman’s identity transition, more research is focused on how the baby turns out. But a woman’s story, in addition to how her psychology impacts her parenting, is important to examine, too.” 

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Down With The Cult Of Perfect Motherhood

Kate Rope is a journalist who recently published Strong as a Mother- a wake up call and practical guide for women in the beginning stages of motherhood. Our favorite messages: 1) you and your well-being matter, 2) feel all your feels, 3) find your “person” and 4) ask for and accept help when needed.

Enjoy this little excerpt. Then, take her advice, and think about how you can re-define your expectations.

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Why Are We Only Talking About ‘Mom Books’ by White Women?

“If we put in the work to expand our view, to grow our understanding of motherhood to include all of its shades and iterations, then we could have what we deserve: something real and substantial, more enduring than any trend.” Poignant observations and calls to action from Angela Garbes, author of one of our favorite “Mom Books” of 2018. Let’s embrace our diversity, MotherNation.

(Image by Angela Garbes)

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Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

This classic 2012 article from Anne-Marie Slaughter sparked controversy across many circles, including among women. Many years later, the myth of work/life balance continues to be debated and we slowly inch towards gender equality in the workplace. It is a long read, but we encourage all mamas to take the time to consider her story, her opinion and her plea. Then think about what you need to be fulfilled…and go get it.

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Why mom guilt is the biggest lie of all

Laura Smith Brody unpacks then obliterates the pervasive mom guilt that is pretty universal. Her focus is on working moms but mom guilt seeps into and affects us all- whether it’s preventing us from speaking up or enjoying coveted solo time- guilt doesn’t help…anyone. Let’s blow it up. #whatguilt

(Pic of Adrienne’s first day heading back to work. Everyone all smiles :))

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