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Down With The Cult Of Perfect Motherhood

Kate Rope is a journalist who recently published Strong as a Mother- a wake up call and practical guide for women in the beginning stages of motherhood. Our favorite messages: 1) you and your well-being matter, 2) feel all your feels, 3) find your “person” and 4) ask for and accept help when needed.

Enjoy this little excerpt. Then, take her advice, and think about how you can re-define your expectations.

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Why Are We Only Talking About ‘Mom Books’ by White Women?

“If we put in the work to expand our view, to grow our understanding of motherhood to include all of its shades and iterations, then we could have what we deserve: something real and substantial, more enduring than any trend.” Poignant observations and calls to action from Angela Garbes, author of one of our favorite “Mom Books” of 2018. Let’s embrace our diversity, MotherNation.

(Image by Angela Garbes)

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Postpartum Anxiety Might Be Even More Common Than PPD

Depression is not the only perinatal mood & anxiety disorder that new mothers frequently battle. This study from 2016 highlights that postpartum anxiety may actually be more common than postpartum depression. Bottom line: if you don’t feel like yourself, please speak with your healthcare provider. You can also find local support through Postpartum Support International, an organization of angels advocating for maternal wellness.

(Image by @mommy.labornurse. Follow her for some entertaining education.)

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My Journey with Severe Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

This mama uses her postpartum depression and anxiety story as a tool for change. Paige is currently an executive at The Motherhood Center of New York, which provides supportive services for new and expecting moms, including a range of treatment options for women suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Brava and thank you, Paige.

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