When Parents Try to Do it All, They Do It Poorly

Another gem from Emily Oster with a call to action for “Big Baby” organizations to start communicating parenting risks instead of handing down “unfunded mandates.” Do you know whether it’s more harmful to drink coffee or smoke cigarettes during pregnancy? Professor Oster argues that you should know…and we agree!

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Postpartum is So Messed Up

‘From everyone commenting on how beautiful and glowing we are, to looking at us with

pitty and asking how many hours of sleep we’re getting. Well the bags under my eyes are telling you it’s

not that much, aren’t they?’ — Our friend, Kelly, candidly shares her experience with pregnancy and postpartum.

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Let's Go #BeyondMothersDay, Let’s Stand Up For Each Other

Read why Adrienne is passionate about the mission of March for Moms and how you can go beyond flowers and brunch this Mother’s Day weekend to stand up for ALL the mamas.

(Image by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance and bag available for purchase on the BMMA website)

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